About Equal Opportunity & Title IX

The Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office responds to reports of discrimination, sexual misconduct, nepotism, and related retaliation through informal problem-solving or formal investigation. 

Equal Opportunity & Title IX staff members are available to meet with individuals to discuss our processes and receive reports. We invite you to schedule a preliminary meeting to learn more about our processes before deciding if you want to report specific concerns or initiate an investigation. 

The Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office is not a confidential resource. Once we become aware of information that may violate the University's discrimination, sexual misconduct, nepotism, or retaliation policies, we may have an obligation to take some responsive action to prevent further misconduct from occurring. However, we work with individuals to address concerns in ways that reflect their preferences to the extent possible. For example, in most cases involving reports of sexual misconduct by students, we will not investigate if the impacted person does not want an investigation.

For more information about our response processes, please review our Resource Guides: